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Blackburnian warbler


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Blackburnian warbler – Laura Gooch
Boulder bridge in Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park

Learn about the natural history of Rock Creek Park.

Boulder Bridge - Sam Sheline
screenshot of Rock Creek Park map viewer

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Skunk-cabbage - Gary Fleming
Oak – Beech / Heath Forest

Meet a Community

Oak – Beech / Heath Forest in Rock Creek Park

Oak - Beech / Heath Forest - Erin Lunsford Jones
native plants in Rock Creek Park

A Peek at the Plants

Commonly seen native plants in Rock Creek Park

Partridgeberry – Matt Jones; Mountain laurel – Sam Sheline; Virginia bluebells, American beech, Tuliptree, and Pink azalea – Gary Fleming

Natural Communities photo: Eastern redbud and flowering dogwood - Gary Fleming; Ecology Basics photo: Red-backed salamander - Ben Lowe