The National Park Service wants Rock Creek Park's visitors to be aware of its policies:

  • Harvesting of any kind is not allowed in Rock Creek Park.
  • Dogs may not roam off-leash, and visitors are asked to stay on designated trails. Staying on official trails minimizes the area that is trampled and eroded, and gives wildlife safe zones.
  • Dumping is illegal. This includes yard waste, because it can carry non-native invasive plant roots or seeds, plant disease, or plant pests that can get established in Rock Creek Park and hurt natural communities. (Learn more about threats to the health of Rock Creek Park's native plants and animals in Stewardship and Ecological Threats in Rock Creek Park.)

For detailed technical information about Natural Resource Management rules and regulations, see chapter 4 of Management Policies 2006: The Guide to Managing the National Park System (www.nps.gov/policy/mp/policies.html).