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Rock Creek Park

The Red Maple Seepage Swamp is very uncommon at Rock Creek Park.

One of the easiest-to-access examples of the Red Maple Seepage Swamp is in the northeasternmost part of the Rock Creek Park where the Valley Trail has descended the valley wall and joins the floodplain.

A difficult location to access because of road traffic, but with a well developed seepage swamp, is near the extreme northwest edge of the main section of Rock Creek Park. A little southeast of where Rock Creek crosses from Maryland to D.C. (marked by Boundary Bridge), the site is on the south side of Beach Drive at the base of some slopes. As groundwater seeps out, the road helps create a depression that holds the water.

Map tip: To locate these places along trails, go to the interactive map of Rock Creek Park and search for "good places," or search for place names like "boundary bridge."

Area Occupied: 3.0 acres (1.2 hectares)
map of Red Maple Seepage Swamp in Rock Creek Park