This website is a product of collaboration and cooperation between NatureServe and the Research Learning Alliance of the National Park Service's National Capital Region.

Principal contributors within NatureServe, the National Park Service, and other partners who were instrumental in the completion of this work are listed below.

NPS Rock Creek Park:
Nick Bartolomeo, Ana Chuquin, Ken Ferebee, Joe Kish, Tony Linforth, Lee Snook, Bill Yeaman, Maggie Zadorozny and other staff members who provided information for content and helped with logistics.

NPS Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance:
Diane Pavek (project management and guidance)
Giselle Mora-Bourgeois (project management and guidance)

Allen Anselmo (mobile map viewer design and development)
Kyle Copas (website design, content development)
Dave Hauver (technical lead website design and development, mobile map viewer design and development)
Erin Jones (vegetation classification and mapping, website design, lead content developer, image handling, map viewer geodatabase)
Ery Largay (vegetation classification and mapping, content development)
Carl Nordman (map viewer geodatabase)
Todd Parks (website design and development)
Mary Russo (content development consultation)
Sam Sheline (image handling and organization)
Lindsey Smart (map viewer geodatabase)
Kristin Snow (content development consultation)
Judy Teague (project management and guidance, vegetation classification and mapping, website design, content development, map viewer geodatabase)
Marta VanderStarre (website design, content development)
Jianyu Wu (website design, usability testing, content development)
2015 Summer Interns: Abby Cox, Grace Novak, Alison Shapiro, Erin Ziegler
2016 Summer Interns: Robert Copus, Virginia Pellington, Christina Prehn
2017 Summer Interns: Stephanie Bilodeau, Alli Kenlan, Kerry Skiff, Christine Stephens

Other Partners:
BlueRaster (lead for online map viewer)
Mary-Russell Roberson (consulting science writer)
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Natural Heritage Program (VANHP) - especially Gary Fleming, Kristin Taverna, Kirstin Hazler, and Karen Patterson. (vegetation classification and mapping)
Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Heritage Service, Natural Heritage Program (MDNHP) - especially Jason Harrison. (vegetation classification and mapping)
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Program (WVNHP) – especially Jim Vanderhorst and Brian Streets (vegetation classification and mapping)
Rod Simmons (consulting ecologist)
Tony Fleming (consulting geologist)

Many individuals and organizations have contributed photographs including Gary Fleming, Tony Fleming, Erin Jones, Matt Jones, Milo Pyne, the family of George Pyne, Sam Sheline, Al Schotz, Rod Simmons, Judy Teague, NatureServe, NPS NCR, NPS, VANHP, and the many Flickr and Bugwood photo contributors whose creative commons license allowed the use of their photos on the site.

We’d also like to recognize the NPS staff members and volunteers who participated in focus group meetings that helped establish the website audience and requirements.

Information in this website is also built on information and products from the U.S. Geological Survey and Natural Resource Conservation Service, Soil Survey.

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